• Management

    In addition to the Governing Documents, the Meridien Court Owners' Association is governed by a number of management bodies including:

    • Board of Directors
    • Committees
    • Managing Agent
    To learn more about each of these bodies, please click on the links below. 
  • Governing Documents
  • Community Policies

    The Meridien Court Homeowners Association has adopted the following rules to help maximize enjoyment, maintain values, and assure the continued aesthetic beauty of our community. The rules apply to all Owners and their families, tenants, and guests. The rules are automatically a part of each lease (even if they are not attached), and each Owner is responsible for making sure his tenants have a copy of the rules and follow them. You are encouraged to ask your neighbors to follow the rules.

    Communications. Please direct any repair requests, complaints, or rule violations to Jackie Howe, the management company representative, at Howe Association Management, Inc., whose telephone number is (925) 837-2805 and address is 485 Hartz Avenue, Suite 100, Danville, California 94526. This avoids delay and telephone tag problems. You are encouraged to put your suggestions or complaints in the mail to the management company named above so that they may be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.

    Enforcement. The rules will be strictly enforced. If the rules are violated by any occupant or guest of the Owner’s Home, the Owner will be responsible for corrective action, damages, and fines.

    [Note to Owners: The following rules and policies are partly from the Declaration and partly adopted by action of the Board of Directors. All Declaration provisions apply -- even if not set forth below. Except for provisions of these policies that come from the Declaration, the policies may be changed or added to by the Board.]