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Written by Board of Directors   
Thursday, 15 November 2007 15:12
In conjunction with Section 6.2.1 of Article VI of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, the
Board has established the following Collection Policy for the collection of all Annual Assessments,
allowable to be paid in monthly payments, and any fines levied after appropriate hearing on such
matters. This policy will be distributed to all owners on an annual basis:
For Assessments:
a) Monthly payments of Annual Assessments are due on the (1st) first day of each month;
b) Monthly payments of Annual Assessments are late if received after the (15th) fifteenth
day of each month;
c) If payment is not made, the full balance of the Annual Assessment for that fiscal year
becomes due and payable per CC&R Section 6.2.1;
d) Sixty (60) days following the due date of an Assessment, the Association will execute the
record an Assessment Lien against the property, on behalf of the Association;
e) Thirty (30) days following the recording of a lien, it shall be delivered to the
Association’s attorney with instructions to proceed with foreclosure of the property;
f) All costs of collection shall be the responsibility of the Homeowner and will be added to
the delinquent account as incurred; and,
g) All payments received shall be applied to the oldest outstanding balance.
h) The homeowner may be subject to additional fees and charges, up to the maximum
amount permitted by law;
For Fines:
a) Fines are due and payable (30) thirty days after notification of Hearing decision.
b) Fines remaining unpaid for more than (90) ninety days may be turned over to the
association’s attorney for collection. If the fine amount owed is greater that $1,000.00 it
will be turned over to the association’s attorney for collection.
c) If the violation is not corrected or complied with, within fifteen (15) days, a letter of
Notice and Hearing will be sent to the offending owner on the forty-fifth (45th) day. The
Board shall notify such Owner of the time, date and place of a hearing, and the possible
consequences of non-compliance. The notice shall be given at least fifteen (15) days prior
to the date set for the hearing and may be delivered either personally or by mail;
d) After a Hearing, the Board shall notify such Owner of their decision in writing, if the
matter is resolved within fifteen (15) days, no further action will be taken. If a fine is
levied, it becomes due and payable within thirty (30) days from receipt of the Board of
Directors decision;
e) If the fine goes unpaid for more than thirty days, a penalty of ten (10%) percent or
$10.00 whichever is greater, per Section 1366 (e) (2) of the California Civil Code, will be
added monthly, to the outstanding balance owed to the association;
Amended 2002-10-03
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